TUMBLERS (1 hour lesson) 5-7YRS                                                                                                                                               
Our Tumblers program is for children 5 to 7 years, introducing them to the wonderful sport of gymnastics. The classes are co-ed and will use both men's and women's gymnastics apparatus and comprise of skills based on the Dominant Movement patterns: Landings, Spring, Locomotion, Swing and Rotation. Children will be taught basic skills and co-ordination activities using all Olympic apparatus. These classes teach gymnastics in a fun and safe way, improving fitness and co-ordination. 

ALL STARS (1.5 hour lesson)    7+YRS                                                                                
All stars is a program to support children to develop and learn skills on all apparatus. Children will develop aerial awareness skills, improve strength and coordination. our all stars are challenged to progress through the skills matrix and will learn basic routines while incorporating fitness, fun and building friendships along the way.

MAG recreational program (2 hour lesson) 7+yrs
Our boys program is for focusing on mainly all men's apparatus and skills this is not a competitive program at this stage. Boys will also focus on tumbling and trampolining skills while building a solid strength and mobility base to support in their learning. this program is fast paced as there is six apparatus in men's gymnastics.


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Recreational class timetable 

Monday 4-5pm
Tuesday 4-5pm
Wednesday 4-5pm
Thursday 4-5pm
Friday 4-5pm

Saturday 9.30-10.30am

All Stars
Monday 5-6.30pm
Tuesday 5.60pm
Wednesday 5-6.30pm
Thursday 5-6.30pm
Saturday 9-10.30a

MAG program
Friday 4-6pm