National pathway programs
Squad 5
- Level 1 and 2 based squad is programmed for gymnasts who wish to pursue competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts will focus on building strong foundations, along with foundation routines to support their future levels.

Limited 4-10 Levels program
- Limited level 4-10 gymnasts is designed so gymnasts can still progress through the national levels program but train limited training hours. Gymnasts will compete at regional and invitational events only.

Squad 1-4
- National program gymnasts will progress through from level 3-10, Gymnasts compete at all state events in keeping align with the Australian national program pathway.

High performance (invitation only)
High performance gymnasts will compete through the national stream levels whilst training more intensely on the physical preparation requirements and increasing skill level with the ultimate goal of achieving level 9 under by the age of 12 turning 13 which is the first step toward the high performance levels. Gymnasts who are invited into this program meet the qualities and age requirements for a future high performance athlete.
National level program/limited levels program information on pathways/progression
Gymnasts will undergo a skills assessment and physical abilities test to identify the most suitable squad for the athlete when they are being placed into a program. When approaching competition season the coach will determine the level the gymnast will compete dependent on their current level of skills and consistency at training.
Gymnasts will undergo a physical abilities test at the end of each term to track progress which will help the coaches programming to help improve on areas where we may need to pay more attention.
Gymnast's progress on skills will be continually monitored by the coach when the coach feels it would benefit the athlete to progress into a higher level program then we will approach the parent to give that opportunity. 
Gymnasts who may not be able to commit to the intensity of the national women's program and are able to participate in the limited level program and can still progress though the levels but will be limited to competing at regional competitions only.


Competitive squad timetable
Limited levels 
6+ hours per week
Developing level 4+ skills
Training days/Times
Monday 4-7pm/4-8pm
Wednesday 4-7pm/4-8pm
Saturday 8.30-11.30am

Squad 5
2-4 hours per week
Developing level 1-3 skills

Training days/Times
Monday 4-6pm
Wednesday 4-6pm

Squad 4
6 hours per week
Developing level 2-5 skills
Training days/Times
Monday 4-7pm
Wednesday 4-7pm
Saturday 8.30-11.30am

Squad 3
7-10 hours per week
developing level 4-6 skills

Training days/Times
Tuesday 4-7pm
Friday 4-8pm
Saturday 8.30-11.30am

Squad 2
12+hours per week
Intermediate advanced
Developing level 5-7 skills
Training days/Times
Monday 4-8pm
Tuesday 4-7pm
Wednesday 4-8pm
Friday 4-8pm

Saturday 8.30-11.30am

Squad 1
15+ hours per week
18+Advanced/High performance
Developing senior level skills
Training days/Times
Monday 4-8pm
Tuesday 4-7pm
Wednesday 4-8p
Friday 4-8pm
Saturday 8.30-11.30am
Athletes training levels 7/8 recommended 15+ hours
Athletes training 9+ recommended 18+ hour

All pricing can be found in the office area or you can contact us for pricing and booking. We will not be adjusting term fee hours for gymnast attending late to training. Missed training sessions due to illness or injury can be made up during the term. Active kids vouchers may be used for term fees. Term fees paid before the end of the term prior will receive a 5% discount of term fees. 



POLICY NAME:   Airborne Gymnastics Fee Policy

Airborne Gymnastics is committed in offering affordable quality classes to students of all ages and abilities.

The Fee policy is outlined below for your information:

If your child is in a recreational class, there are two types of  fees.

In a competitive class there are four types of fees which cover your child's participation in gymnastics.


NSW Registration Fees (Recreational and Competitive)

Registration Fees are to NSW Gymnastic Association and include Personal Injury insurance. This registration fee is nonrefundable, although the NSW Registration is transferable between clubs (but not from one gymnast to another).


Training/Class Fees (Recreational and Competitive)

Training fees pay for your child's position in a class. Fees are payable upfront prior to the start of each term and non-attendance does not qualify you for a refund or a credit. If your child is injured or sick and misses a lesson, a make-up class can be arranged. If this is for a prolonged period, then a letter accompanied by a doctor’s certificate can be forwarded to the Administration Director for consideration of crediting your account for the next terms fees.


Competition Fees (competitive gymnasts only)

If your child enters a competition you will need to pay an entry fee, and if the competition involves travel and accommodation you will incur the expenses for the trip. In addition to this you will be expected to purchase the required club uniform (eg.: leotard and club tracksuit).


  • All fees are subject to a 10-week term THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON TERM FEES

  • Payment is due prior to commencement of first lesson of each term.

  • Any fees not paid at the commencement of term will incur a $5.50 account keeping fee

  • Inability to attend due to holidays being taken during schedule class times will not entitle the family to a credit or refund at any time, this also applies to absences due to other family functions.

  • If fees are subject to change 6 weeks notice will be given to members.

  • Fees increase by CPI per year.